A jewel of the East Coast (Ambodiriana forest in Manompana)

Itinerary: Tamatave-Foulpointe-Soanierana-Manompana-Foret ambodiriana-Tamatave

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D1/ Tamatave-Foulpointe- Soanierana
Departure by car and direction to national road 5 to the north, stop along the way and admire the beautiful landscape of the east, pose for a photo. Arrived at Foulpointe visit of the Fort. Continuation of the trip. Lunch in Fenerive. Overnight in Soanierana.
D2/ Soanierana-Manompana
Departure early in the morning to join the ferry, cross the river and continue the adventure on the famous RN5 track, a beautiful landscape on the east coast. Passage at the level of 3 bins. Lunch. Afternoon visit of Manompana village.
D3/ Foret Ambodiriagna
After breakfast, early departure, boarding in a rowing canoe for 1 hour, after we leave the canoe and a small walk to the site of the Ambodiriana Manompana forest. Hiking in the forest, discovering endemic species, swimming in the waterfall. Night in a small stopover gite
D4/: Foret Ambodiriagna-Manompana-Fénerive
Return to Manompana, and continue the journey. Night in Fénerive.
D5/ Fénérive-Tamatave
Small visit of the city of Fénerive, after the visit direction to Tamatave. Night at the hotel

Some photos of the Ambodiriana forest and the village of Manompana