Unique adventure on RN5 (Maroantsetra)

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D1 : Tamatave-Fénerive We start the adventure on national road 5 to the north, stopping at Foulpointe to visit Fort du Foupointe. Lunch. Overnight at the oasis hotel in Fénérive
D2 : Fénerive –Tanambe Departure very early at 4 am to be able to cross the 1st ferry at soanierana Ivongo. Continuation of journey towards the wrong track, during the crossing of the river on the ferry one lives new adventures; the battery is removed from the car to be able to start the bin. Picnic lunch. Night in the sublime village of Antanambe
D3 : Tanambe-Mananara Stony and difficult track, up and down, cross the small wooden or bamboo ferry and sometimes the passengers get off and we push the car together. Small villages along the road; its smiling and welcoming population. Night visit to discover a nocturnal species “aye aye” or Daubentonia Madagascariensis. Overnight at Roger’s
D4 : Mananara-Maroantsetra On this last part the road is very bad, on the other hand sublime landscapes which take your breath away. Picnic lunch in the heart of nature. Arrive in Maroantsetra at the end of the afternoon. Overnight at the hotel Maroantsetra Masoala Resort
D5 : Maroantsetra-Masoala Transfer by boat to Masoala, the duration of the trip (1 hour 30 minutes), installation in a lodge. Masoala is the largest national park in Madagascar, with magnificent coral reefs that allow you to observe hundreds of species of fish. Afternoon visit to Ambodiforaha village. Overnight in a Lodge at Arol
D6 : Masoala. Visit of Masoala National Park and observation of the endemic Red Vari lemur of Masoala Park, discovery of the different species of fauna and flora. Swimming or possibility of snorkeling in the villagoise reserve. Night at Arol
D7 : Masoala- Nosy Manga Be -Maroantsetra Excursion to Nosy Manga Be; Nosy manga Be is in the Masoala part. It was an island inhabited by Europeans before since the 13th century and especially the Dutch frequented this place. After the visit return to Maroantsetra. Lunch. City tour Maroantsetra.Night at Masoala Resort
D8: Maroantsetra- Tananarive Transfer to the airport and flight to Antananarivo