12 km north of Tamatave, the Ivoloina zoological park is accessible from the bus station via a bush taxi and after 4 km of walking. The track that leads there is however passable if you rent a car by the hour.
The park, created in 1963, is open daily between 9 am and 5 pm against payment of an entrance fee. Ivoloina is home to 13 species of lemurs, in captivity or in freedom, radiata and pyxis turtles as well as chameleons. You can also enjoy a short canoe ride. Note that it is also possible to camp in Ivoloina Park, which also has many places for a picnic.

Ivoloina Park is blessed with exceptional nature that stands out not only for its lush vegetation, including the Ravinala (the traveller's tree), but also for its rich faunistic specimens.
An important regional asset, the site includes a center for Environmental Education.

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- 08:30 am: Transfer by car and direction to the Ivoloina park which is 12km north of the city of Tamatave, 9km asphalt road and 3km of track. Along the way, one can observe various daily activities of local people: transporting goods, breaking stones in the village, people weaving bamboo.

- 10am: Arrival at the park, discover the species of lemurs in semi-freedom, turtles, tomato frog and chameleon, then visit the center for environmental education which shows the biodiversity of Madagascar.

- 12:30 p.m .: Return to the city center.

Some photos in Ivoloina Park