The Ivondro Palm Grove

Discovery of the agro-tourist site Melville

This circuit is accessible to all ages, it is a nice little walk on a well-maintained path. We can do it half day or full day depending on your availability.

The Ivondro Palm Grove   is   found   20km   south of Tamatave on national road 2 which leads to Antananarivo.   Accessible by river (the Pangalanes canal) and land by road (RN2)

With its 3000 ha of palm oil plantation certified organic by Ecocert as well as   with thousands of indigenous people living in the area, the Ivondro palm grove is an exceptional site offering walks and discovery suitable for all audiences: foreigners, nationals, professional and school groups.

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8:30 am   ;: Transfer by car to the site   by the national road N ° 2.

9:15 a.m.  : Arrived at the site after a 45-minute drive. Presentation of the site   and history.

We will start the visit with a short walk in the field observing the different tropical crops and spices plantations: pineapple, cinnamon, coffee, cocoa, star fruit and even vanilla.

10h 45mn   ;: Visit of the palm oil processing plant, exploring the different stages of palm oil production in the plant.

11:30 AM   ;: Then, after the visit, on the way to the Belvedere to admire a beautiful panoramic view   of the palm grove, the Ivondro river, Photo pose on a large bridge, a work of EIFFEL, visit of the small Mahasoa village

12h 30mn   ;: Welcome and small animation by the local folk group

  Lunch based on organic products, tastings of local products, salads of heart of palm breadfruit.

3:30 p.m.   ;: Return by car to Tamatave


The sublime photos of the Ivondro Palm Grove